Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Morning Drive.

I've contemplated creating a commuter's guide to birds. Familiarity with size, shape, color and flight habits, even at 65mph can often yield a positive identification. As I drove down the interstate this morning in the purple-pink haze before sun-up, a large dark bird flew across the road. Crow-sized, with an undulating flight - only one thing it could be.
To be continued after our lunchtime bird-walk.
At lunchtime I took a quick walk around the A21 parking lot, and saw:

One Ring-billed Gull
Two Mourning Doves
Earlier in the day, around campus, were seen and/or heard :
One Blue Jay
Some American Goldfinches
A Flock of American Crows
A Flock of small brown birds
At our courtyard feeder there were:
Four Black-capped Chickadees
One Downy Woodpecker
If anything else was out there, it was hiding from the strong wind that blew through our hill-top today.
Yesterday there was:
A small flock of Brown-headed Cowbirds
Two large groups of Canada Geese, totalling over fifty birds
Oh, my mystery bird? I didn't indend for it to be a mystery bird, but spent some fruitless time looking for a photo or video of my bird in flight, as I had seen it this morning. A Pileated Woodpecker - and to reiterate, not a West Campus Bird, though we certainly could have them here.

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