Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lots of activity, but

we're still waiting for our Phoebe. There are lots and lots of robins, many cowbirds, sparrows in abundance, cardinals, bluejays and goldfinches. The Cowbirds have apparently discovered our birdfeeder, and between them and the house sparrows, we can't keep it full.

Out for a walk at noon today, Lynn saw one female Dark-eyed Junco and a Brown Creeper! Last fall we had two or three sightings of Brown Creeper, and I remember how excited I was to find the first Junco. Could this be the last? They typically head north in mid-April, becoming downright rare by the first week of May.

Juncos breed all across Canada, south into the western mountain states, south into northern New England and in the Appalachian Mountains as far south as North Carolina. There are some nesting records for Connecticut in the far northwestern corner of the state.

keep enjoying the returning birds!
ciao, Sue

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