Monday, October 11, 2010

Bioblitz - Stratford, Connecticut

A few photos to share from the Peabody Museum - Beardsley Zoo - Connecticut Audubon Bioblitz last weekend. More photos can be found at the Peabody's Bioblitz facebook page.


Stratford Point, Bioblitz HQ

Karen and Sue, one team of several, recording birds for the Blitz

Black-bellied Plover, Pluvialis squatarola, feeding in the mudflats at low tide

several Northern Mockingbirds, Mimus polyglottos, were singing from any high perch

Garter Snake, Thamnophis sirtalis - even fresh roadkill counts in the Bioblitz

Cottontail rabbit, Sylvilagus sp., seen at dusk on Stratford Point

in the interest of full disclosure, this is the cottontail photo before photoshopping

lights of Short Beach at after sunset


Stratford Point Encampment at dawn

Raccoon tracks, Procyon lotor, in sandy flats near Short Beach

immature Yellow-crowned Night-heron, Nyctanassa violacea, near Short Beach

Great Egret, Ardea alba, near Short Beach

Double-crested Cormorant, Phalacrocorax auritus, near Short Beach


Harley, Terry and Lynn of the Connecticut Valley Mycological Society identify and label fungi at Blitz headquarters

saltmarsh at Stewart B. McKinney National Seashore

high tide floods the path to the observation platform

Karen 'scoping the saltmarsh

So, our two-woman team had 60 species during the twenty-four hour period - and the total for the whole Blitz was 122 species. We had only one totally unique bird - the Black-throated Green Warbler, but several unique species were seen in "our territory" by others as well.
the White-tailed Kite, of course
the American Pipits, right on the sandy shore of Stratford Point
the American Bittern, in the saltmarsh pictured above
and the Common Nighthawk, which did a late-evening fly-over of the Point, witnessed by several astonished onlookers.
Hooray for lots of people being out birding - that's what I think.

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