Friday, December 3, 2010

The Lonely Birder

Blue Jay over by the highway

The first thing that you may notice from this post is that you have a new author.  Sue the normal writer of Birding West Campus decided that the birds here in West Haven/Orange just weren't exciting enough and so for the month she will be off viewing exotic birds.  I'll let her fill you in on her trip if she so chooses on her return.

In the meanwhile, I will be trying to self-motivate in an effort to keep track on the birds visiting here at West Campus.  It seems only right that the birds, in an effort to help, should come in droves and keep the excitement levels up.  Instead this was one of the quietest weeks we have had since last winter.  It may indeed be a sign of what's to come in the following months.  I'll just hope that the birds are taking a break and will be back on Monday.

Red-tailed Hawk watching the Morgan Lane gate

I went out a couple of times at lunch this week and had the most luck today as far as diversity goes.  The other times I've gone out it has been pretty paltry.  Here's the quick list of what's been seen.

1. American Crow- Covrus brachyrhynchos
2. Fish Crow- Corvus ossifragus
3. Blue Jay- Cyanocitta cristata
4. Red-tailed Hawk- Buteo jamaicensis
5. Sharp-shinned Hawk- Accipiter striatus
6. Ring-billed Gull- Larus delewarensis
7. Herring Gull- Larus argentatus
8. Turkey Vulture- Cathartes aura
9. Black-capped Chickadee- Poecile atricapillus
10. Downy Woodpecker- Picoides pubescens
11. Red-bellied Woodpecker- Melanerpes carolinus
12. American Goldfinch- Carduelis tristis
13. Dark-eyed Junco- Junco hyemalis
14. American Turkey- Meleagris gallopavo
15. Rock Pigeon- Columba livia
16. European Starling- Sturnus vulgaris
17. American Robin- Turdus migratorius
18. Canada Goose- Branta canadensis
19. White-throated Sparrow- Zonotrichia albicollis
20. Northern Cardinal- Cardinalis cardinalis
21. Mourning Dove- Zenaida macroura
22. House Finch- Carpodacus mexicanus
A total of 22 species isn't too shabby. 

Black-capped Chickadee checking me out

It is definitely a good time to keep our eyes open for some rare birds.  Recently around CT there have been a number of birds from the West Coast, South America, and Europe all stopping in to visit.  There's always a chance one could make a rest stop here as well.

Mice moved into one of the bird houses
If you feel a hankering to go take a walk around campus at lunch time to see some birds, I'd be more than willing to have some company.  
by Lynn Jones

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