Monday, May 23, 2011

Drive-by Birding and a new Warbler

So Monday, another day of rain... at least we had a decent weekend for a change!

Since I had to run a quick off-campus errand at lunchtime, and it was raining, I filled in the hour with some on-campus drive-by birding-by-ear.
Here's my list, with annotations:

American Robin, many, singing, carrying food
Grey Catbird, skulking under ornamental bushes

catbird photo from Tuesday, when it was sunny out

Blue Jay, seen flying
Herring Gull, fly-over
House Sparrow, flew from nest box
Rock Pigeon, occupying the top of a utility pole
Northern Flicker, peering from nest cavity in Maple tree
House Wren, singing near nest boxes
Yellow Warbler, singing from brushy edges
Barn Swallows, flying to nest at E-29
American Goldfinch, singing only
Red-eyed Vireo, singing over near SW perimeter fence
Wild Turkey, two males, near fence
Warbling Vireo, singing near Ray's corner (where he set up the big malaise trap last summer)
Baltimore Oriole, singing in woods behind Vireo place
Mourning Dove, flew in to perch in dead standing tree
Song Sparrow, singing from "sparrow nook"
Black-capped Chickadees, both in sumac near their nest box
European Starling, flew over
Canada Goose, a half dozen, near facilities building

twenty species for a little drive-through birding tour - a fun way to spend twenty five minutes at lunchtime

I decided not to create a new post for Tuesday - just stuck it on to the end of Monday...

Wow - what a change. From yesterday's gray chill to today's tropical humidity!
Birds to add after another noontime outing at West Campus:

Killdeer, hadn't heard or seen these guys in a while
Common Grackle, might be nesting nearby
Brown-headed Cowbird, around....
Double-crested Cormorant, small flock overhead
Northern Mockingbird, singing, and foraging in the A-21 parking lot
Magnolia Warbler, in the A-21 parking lot - never pass up a unfamiliar little chip- chip
Chipping Sparrow, same place, trilling not chipping ;-)
Black-throated Blue Warbler, heard him calling, and he came right in to my pishing - I tried a photo, not worth sharing, but here it is anyway!

Black-throated Blue Warbler, Dendroica caerulescens, at the farthest optical zoom of my little Canon point-and-shoot - and then assisted a bit more with Photoshop.

Red-bellied Woodpecker, calling from tall trees
Common Yellowthroat, a female came and perched on the chain-link fence to have a look at the two-legged pisher
American Redstart, heard quite nearby, but never saw
Wood Thrush, wow, nice to hear this guy calling again
Red-winged Blackbird, seen calling high in the treetops
Canada Warbler, Wilsonia canadensis
(link to some great photos of this beauty)

The "Canada" was another example of Never pass up an unfamiliar song. I heard the song - no idea what it was, and searched the nearby bushes and had the briefest glimpse of the bird. Good thing I had seen one at home earlier in the spring - I knew the field marks. Bright yellow throat and breast, dark gray back and head, a bright white eyering, and a cool black necklace. Unique!

Another 14 species for a total of 34 in the first two days of the week - this glut of songbirds will not last, so we birders really get out to enjoy it while it does.

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