Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bald E

Mourning Dove in the courtyard, sitting on YOUNG!
 Well, I was a bit disappointed this past week that I wasn't able to break 40 species on campus for the week.  With 38 the week before and a couple of decent days for migration I thought it would be possible... and probably it was.  I spent more time enjoying the birds I did see than going out and hunting those that I didn't.  The one that I most enjoyed seeing... our first Bald Eagle of the season.  There was a full adult that I spotted flying over our building through the courtyard windows. 

Male American Goldfinch
In total there were 36 species seen this week, other highlights included a push of American Redstarts over by the leaf pile, a Merlin hunting in the parking lot one morning, and on Friday afternoon was a little push of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds.

Red-shouldered Hawk

1. Merlin-1
2. Bald Eagle-1
3. Cooper's Hawk-1
4. Red-shouldered Hawk-1
5. Sharp-shinned Hawk-1
6. Osprey-6
7. Red-tailed Hawk-2 (migrating), 2 (resident)
8. American Robin
9. Mourning Dove
10. House Sparrow
11. Song Sparrow
12. American Goldfinch
13. European Starling
14. Common Grackle
15. House Finch
16. Northern Cardinal
17. Killdeer
18. Gray Catbird
19. Barn Swallow
20. Herring Gull
21. Blue Jay
22. Northern Flicker
23. Black-capped Chickadee

Red-shouldered Hawk, you can just see some red.
 24. Northern Mockingbird
25. Brown-headed Cowbird
26. Canada Goose
27. Rock Pigeon
28. Black Vulture (4 possibly migrating)
29. Empidonax sp.
30. Red-wing Blackbird
31. Carolina Wren
32. Tree Swallow
33. Chimney Swift
34. Fish Crow
35. American Redstart
36. Ruby-throated Humingbird

This coming week is stormy with some winds out of the South so I don't expect any big push of birds, especially Hawks.  It might be a low species count next week.  We did have one interesting window strike dead bird out from this week.  It was too far gone for a positive ID but I'd have to guess that it was a Canada Warbler

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