Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday October 12th

Wow! more great lunchtime bird sightings. We walked the brushy perimeter of the parking lot up near A21, and added three new species to our West Campus list (in boldface).

Red-tailed Hawk
Mourning Dove
Rock Pigeon
Downy Woodpecker
Eastern Phoebe
European Starling
American Crow
Blue Jay
Black-capped Chickadee - first visitor at our birdfeeder!
Swainson's Thrush - another one!
Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Solitary Vireo - beautiful little bird!
Eastern Towhee (photo below)
Dark-eyed Junco - at least a dozen today
White-throated Sparrow
Song Sparrow - at least a dozen just in the courtyard

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